Testimonial – Terri Sanders

Daisy is a life saver and true creative hair genius. I have an extemely difficult situation going on with my hair from a previous cut where the hair has not grown back on one side, making my hair very aesthetically uneven, because of this I have been traumatized by haircuts and have not had one in almost 2 years. Daisy is the first person I trusted after a lengthy consultation to understand what i wanted and how to best work with the current impairment of my hair. I never felt so listened to and cared for in a haircutting experience. Because of the bad expereinces I have had i am very difficult and temperamental in this area and Daisy knew exactly how to be calm and bypass my fears. She worked with me until I was completely satisfied. I am so grateful to have found Daisy and she will be my hairdresser for life!
– Terri Sanders