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Do I Have a Favorite Haircut or Hair Color?

Posted on 23 April 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

I’m often asked this question if I have a favorite haircut or color. My answer is “not so much..” because what gets me excited in the salon is a customize color combination selected for my client’s mood, features, personal tones like eye color, skin tone, etc. and what hair styles would be optimal for a certain face shapes with varying emphasis on length of bangs, choice of density whether wispy or thick and at what level, partings, even the time of year, etc. This customization is my ‘favorite’ in the salon whether it be ashy blonde, golden blonde, red or dark hair. Oh, I should add, there is a tiny bit of novelty when I style or create on a natural red head, only because true red heads are not common, being only two percent of the population. From a technical stand point, I do think a short graduated A-line bob is the most difficult haircut to execute for most stylist, since this haircut will put any stylist to the test..

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