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Blow Dryer for Your Hairstyles, Gals!

Posted on 7 April 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

When I use the blow dryer at my boyfriend’s place, my hair is just not the same! At home I use a professional dryer, the hair stylist number one choice-the Super Solano (Italy), under $100. Well worth the investment since some dryers are just not worth repairing, only repeated replacements. When I use my Solano, my hair really shows off the cut and has A LOT more body. You can spend above $100 easily with the newer tourmaline dryers, etc. but personally I haven’t notice a noticeable difference yet to justify the double plus price difference, plus the Solano has the perfect weight balance and extra long cord. FYI, that cold button..use it to “set” your efforts, that’s what it for. If it is a Solano dryer, if it should stop working well one day, don’t throw it out! I’ll tell you where to send it for repair for average $35. I own 5 Solanos and send off 3 at a time for repairs (cracked shell, funny noises, emitting smoke, wire repairs, doesn’t turn on, anything!) and it’s posted right back to me refurbished. Once I got the Super Solano, I never went back to a regular retail blow dryer, except at my bf’s place. Keep in mind, it is a professional dryer, it gets hot. The way to use it is to keep it in relative constant motion. Your hair will dry so fast and have more body, especially if you dry it with your hair flipped over, you may just get hooked.

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