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How Often Should I Color or Highlight My Hair?

Posted on 21 April 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

How often should I color or highlight my hair? This varies greatly depending on personal preference as well your social calendar. The shortest period I have is a professional who comes into the salon every two and a half weeks like clock work when her greys in the front hairline are just less than a quarter-inch long. Due to her preference to keep away grey hair, she is my most diligent client simply because she is so much happier without any grey. Most women will color or highlight about every six to ten weeks. Blonde hair is much easier to maintain once hair has turned whitish, simply due to less contrast with the natural white regrowth. For any hair type, a bonus is after any hair coloring, the hair feels and looks much fuller, a huge incentive for many women. I like to describe it as “cooked pasta” verses “not cooked pasta.” Fluff! Lovely.

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