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MOTHra is a Worthy Mention!

Posted on 3 April 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Bayalage, sombre hair color, haircuts, highlights at salon but Mothra is a notable mention today! Who or what is MOTHra? It’s the appropriate name Rich at ‘Computer Pro’ gave to the largest live moth I’ve ever seen in my life as I left the hair salon in Malibu Saturday afternoon on Pacific Coast Highway by Carbon Canyon. I want to add photos of Mothra now so you can see too! But still getting adjusted to my new web format (orchestrated by www.socialmediarts.com ) and will get the hang of uploading pics along with my post real soon. Just wait until you see MOTHRA!

UPDATE: Photos now included! Look at MOTHra! In the bottom photo, sitting next to MOTHra is not a dime, it’s a quarter I placed there so one could see the relative size of MOTHra. Rich and I decided to move her from the concrete to near the base of a tree, thought she would be safer there. We think she may have just left her cocoon or something; she barely moved although she look absolutely pristine.

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