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Hair Trends and Improved Highlight Methods

Posted on 1 April 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Want some fun, modern hair color and hair cuts? What does this mean? Hair trends and improved highlight methods evolves like everything else giving one more options than ever. I wonder sometime why some women still wear their hair like they were hippies in the 1960’s, what I call the A frame hairstyle. Even if it were angle slightly, that would update someone who doesn’t want too much change but why look dated? Haircuts and hair color evolves. The highlighting seen in this photo for example is different from in the past; can you see the difference? Bring in some pictures or I have a binder for you to browse for different hair color inspiration. Providing the perfect hair cut and dimensional color is what motivates me everyday to custom create. With a past as a make-artist I enjoy enhancing one’s perfection and use my background to aid in color selection to enhance. “It’s not important what you do, it is very important how you do it.” I love that quote.

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