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What Hair Color is Right For Me?

Posted on 15 April 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

When I’m asked this question, there are several factors I consider-present shade, maintenance level, skin tone, eye color and what to add into the mix that would enhance, not compete with these factors. You may have seen this before, when the color looks good but maybe just not right for this person? Together, these things create an image and I want the image to work with the personality too and what that projection is. The upkeep is reviewed too because one needs to realistically access their commitment level in terms of salon time in the future before making a decision. With my background as a make-up artist, I have guidelines for my selected color choices and will make suggestions. A stylist’s personality and style and how they see things will also influence choices made in both color and cut but their skill set will determine the final outcome. Lastly, if no one is color blind (seriously) and the consultation covered all the bases, go mix some colors! Love working with the color palette. Surprisingly, it’s a little like working with math-funny huh?

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