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Bits and Pieces from the Royal Wedding and Kate’s Bridal Hair

Posted on 1 May 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

So now that the wedding has come and gone, I will admit to purposely NOT watching all the hype leading up to the royal wedding. However the morning after, I saw some recap highlights. I liked Kate’s overall look for her wedding and her simple hair choice of a diagonal part and soft waves. It was kinda funny though-when Kate came down the aisle as the press made a big deal out of William waiting to look at his bride for the first time in her bridal gown-when Kate got up to the altar with William, he was glazing lovingly and Kate hardly glanced at her groom. Maybe she was nervous or simply didn’t think of it. Anyway, after two sweet balcony kisses as man and wife, the delightful couple made their departure in a small convertible. Some of you that know me are aware that I was once married. I chose to wear my hair in a loose up-do because if not now, then when? And you?

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