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Spring 2011 Runway Hair Trends

Posted on 6 May 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

We’ve seen hair barrettes used in the common fashion, center or side part on straight, wavy or curly hair, one or two at a time to hold the hair to the side. Additionally, this season is multiple barrettes, up to four or more often five at a time, making hair even more of a canvas for the artist at heart. Looped undo’s, side knots, structured or loose and casual in repeated S-shaped patterns, wavy or straight, hair was seen often side parted held up with multiple barrettes or a black head band. The consistency was beige hair barrettes were on the blonde models and dark or black barrettes were on the brunette models and just one size was seen on each model at one time. The thick barrettes were used in the back of the hair laid out in a slanted brick layered fashion sometimes creating a ‘stream’ of pulled back hair and if seen used in the front, it was the thin barrettes used in a step like pattern. The crown was sometimes high, sometimes low. Also notable was the lack of center parts on most of the models. Looks like the side part is on the way back with the trendy set.

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