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Family Movie at IMAX Towards Credit to Daisy Hair Design!

Posted on 26 May 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

What is everyone up to Memorial Day Weekend? How about take your family and pals to a $8 IMAX movie about one of my favorite foundations and get $15 credit at Daisy Hair Design for each ticket you purchase? Take your whole family and come in and claim your credit by showing your ticket stubs! Why am I doing this? Because I love animals! It a wonderful, true documentary that is a heart warming experience that may make you fall in love with the beloved animal, the sentimental elephant! I mean wouldn’t you help out the Dodo Bird if you could so it would not be extinct today? I’m peeved that the Dodo is gone, aren’t you? If you knew what some do about elephants, you would love them and the chance to help them is here! The elephant exhibits unbelievable intelligence and are SO sentimental, it’s endearing to no end. And who doesn’t love IMAX, they open up the world to you on large screen for a small fee plus what is more fascinating than the truth, if you think about it? The movie is titled “Born to be Wild” and the lovely foundation featured in the film is “The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust”-I’ve liked their page on my Facebook page, so check them out. David Sheldrick has passed and his widow was carrying on his work, now their daughter is taking the reins. Good anytime the movie is still out in the theaters, go soon — it’s been out for a little while now. See why I love this foundation and then come see me and bring those stubs, worth $15 at DHD!

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