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Hair Dresser Vidal Sassoon-How Did Sassoon Stand Out?

Posted on 4 May 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Hair dresser Vidal Sassoon, the pioneer of modern haircuts left his dramatic shift for women with his contribution to hair design-how did Sassoon stand out? In his autobiography, “Vidal”- the 83 year-old hair dresser, details his personal history growing up in an orphanage in London to his rise to international fame and all the bumps along the way. His approach to hair was shocking and liberating to women if you go back to the hair styles worn by women before his worldly styling premiere-the sharply modern bob on actress Nancy Kwan in 1963. He liberated women from hours of time under those dated globe like blow dryers and endless back combing. The world began to move away from bouffants of yesterday year to precision hair cutting that still dominates today. A year after Nancy Kwan debuted her angled bob style, another fortunate turn of events occurred that put the wind under Sassoon’s wings on his flight towards unparalleled international fame. Sassoon was the stylist for a London magazine with photographer David Montgomery, who mistakenly over exposed the photographs making the model’s skin look white and hair-black! Not the original intention but the new look was a hit. The two men teamed up for 45 years after that with Vidal dictating. This led to Mia Farrow’s short, pixie cut in 1968, Sassoon spent a decade in NYC before settling in Los Angeles in 1975 where a successful product line was developed. Any hair stylist today and I believe on going, forever will be influenced by the daring vision of Vidal Sassoon whom passed in 2012.

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