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Compare Shampoos for Hair Color Retention, Unbelievable!

Posted on 22 June 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Some products are supposed to be superior over others due to more PH balance tests, etc. to maintain hair health and hair color. This is a general fact according to hair color chemists. However, apparently there are exceptions. Thirty shampoos were tested equally having been washed with the appropriate shampoo repeatedly, all ranging in price from about $1 to $40. The results were, shall we say-SHOCKING? One is a very popular and upper-end product line that the finest ladies of the land use to maintain their hair, I’ve had women personally bring in this shampoo to the salon so it can be used in place of the shampoos at the back bar by the shampoo bowls. The other is found at your local drug store. Neither was the best nor the worst but see below for the side by side surprising comparison. Hilarious, right?! For more photos, go to my EVENTS found inside my Photo Gallery.

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