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Considering Red Hair Color? It’s a Current Hair Trend

Posted on 13 June 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

You’ve seen red hair all over in Hollywood these days right? Funny how that changes one’s feeling on red hair in the salon. I’ve gotten some inquires about adding red lately which is great cause I love changes on my clients too. Red hair is often scary for lots of people and for good reason. If not the right red, it can be harsh (like the wrong lipstick color) as well as red color fading more rapidly due to the color molecule of red not being as small as the other colors, it does require a bit more upkeep to maintain. However, for those that just want to be red for a while, for fun, why not? Incorporating a bit of red here and there, especially those with complimentary eye and skin color, I think it’s allows you to stand out from the rest. Red is the least common hair color for everyone, colored hair or natural. I’ve even read that an article that natural red hair will be extinct one day! So enjoy the red hair while it’s here.

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