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Hair Trend in Europe-Middle Part is Departing and Side Part Returning

Posted on 17 June 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

So many celebs are middle part, overly long, straight or beachy waves-it’s over done by too many. A few gals look great with the middle part but some insist on a middle part when it’s not appealing for the face shape. So happy to see the side part inching its way into hair more these days. No matter what the trend is, the face shape should determine the parting the majority of the time, and an occasional experiment or temporary fancy can be explored. Stubborn cow licks, of course would be another strong factor. Personally for my face shape, it’s best for a side part so I wear it that way most of the time. I will move it around when I get bored then move it back. If your lucky enough to wear your hair beautifully both ways, your fortunate because that means your face shape and features are very well-balanced.

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