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Natural Hair Color-Really? How About Hair Henna?

Posted on 20 June 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

The only hair color that is 100% natural is henna. Any time your mix two solutions together (not water) it is not 100% natural, unfortunately. If you are familiar with the results of henna and are happy with it, then by all means, keep that going. The downside with henna is once you start, there is no guarantee on the results of another color product if you choose to switch, due to unknown layering of minerals on the hair that act as a barrier. There is a way to attempt to remove the minerals but the end results are still not completely predictable using another color product. Should you forget to mention the henna to your colorist, these are the things that will give you unexpected results in the salon. At your first consultation with a colorist/stylist, you can almost not tell her too much, communication is vital for a great salon experience.

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