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Perfect Time to Check Out Dry Shampoos

Posted on 8 June 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Dry shampoos have been reinvented and improve from days passed and with warmer and busier days ahead it’s a great time to check one out. This product is used as a styling aid for stylist that like the hair a little gritty with body since they have styling ingredients added in. There are two options to consider. Whether you want to use a powder or a spray. The power allows you to use it in small areas like the bangs or just the crown, etc. For fuller hair, use your normal products then when hair is dry, add the dry shampoo at the scalp while your hair is flipped over, wait 3 minutes then flip-up. Voila! Use in the bang area so bangs don’t look too smooth or over styled. As an up-do tool, it works great to add a little grittiness so the pins stay in as well. Just remember it takes a few minutes for dry shampoo to absorb any oil so be patient, to avoid using too much product.

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