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Runway Hair Trends to Try at Home or in Hair Salon

Posted on 15 August 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Worn with Rachel Roy’s fall runway collection (lots of grey tones), seen were thin colored ribbons weaved into simple braids, perhaps one on each side, then the braid is secured in a crown like pattern over the top of the head with pins creating a bit of an updated period look. Another runway idea was seen at Jason Wu’s collection, up do’s were seen decorated with sparkly, gold pomade, laid on thick! Casual up-do’s were abound everywhere and at Jason’s show, hair was often a low pony tail, slicked with gel, pinned up in a casual but coifed manner, hair hugging the head and gold leaf like sections highlighted the look. Try Oribe Hair Care Gold Pomade ($49, oribe.com) or for a lighter spray version, Aveda Brilliant Spray-On Shine ($22, aveda.com)
Lastly, backstage the back combing for the EXTRA large bump, resting either into a pinned, dangling strands down the back or a french twist, this version not just the rear occipital area, commonly seen-it was the top AND back creating a huge TOP bump, but to complete the look the first inch or so in the front hairline was geled flat to the scalp for some balance. The above photo is the only one I could locate and it doesn’t come close to this new runway version. On the runway, the bump nearing a foot high and included the top of the head too. At home, you can tone it down some-have fun!

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