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Side Parts Now Seen Off The Runway on Some Celebs

Posted on 8 August 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Been looking forward to the side part making its full comeback since middle parts have been dominating everyone’s hair in the celebrity area, no matter the face shape and am delighted the side part is now considered an option for those stuck in the middle. One shoulder waves have returned full force on and off the runways and seen on some celebs. Hopefully more celebs with long or disproportionate faces will consider the side part. If you want the side one shoulder waves, here’s how to do it: blow dry hair upside down then flip-up using a round brush and spray gel for smoothness and hold. Consider parting the opposite of you normal way. Next curl hair in one inch sections with a curling iron starting midway or so down each section. Tease the crown to keep the top from looking flat. Swing it all over one shoulder and spray. And remember, imperfections are sexy.

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