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Appreciate the Referrals

Posted on 28 September 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Referrals from my current clients make the best new clients. A great hair cut and color is all about the details and some occasional feed back from you will have you at your personal best. My appreciation for those of you that come to see me at the salon whom live locally as well as from Manhattan Beach, Whittier and Orange County. My promise is that I will give you the options, explaining high maintenance hair color verses low maintenance hair color, etc. and execute the task with personalized creativity. I tend to opt for the way the grows out the best inbetween salon visits in both cut and color, but it also depends on your choice of that day. Certain hair styles last longer than others if executed well and that is my intention for you, your friends and family making eveyday a good hair day. Thank you for trusting me to do my best each and every time.

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