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As a Kid, I Wanted to Cecome a Chemist

Posted on 3 September 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

I asked my folks for a chemistry set, but no-it did not come to be. The idea of pouring one potion into another and watching it transform or bubble up, I found intriguing. The vision of thin vials or clear, irregular shaped bottles with different liquids in it fascinated me at the time. I do mix an assortment of liquids today in the salon, using the appropriate strength of peroxide with the chosen selection of hair color combos to enhance, or cover pre-existing hair tones whether it be white, grey, blonde, red, brown or black or if there are hair color horrors- too orange or even green, etc. I love that hair design has a connection to fashion and shifts about depending on the season and trends, makes it fun and interesting! I also asked my folks for the doll head that “grows” hair, so “see what you get Mom-when you got me a tea set or a plastic jewerly kit instead?”

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