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My Guest Blog Article: Hair Color with a Twist

Posted on 12 September 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

A popular hair style website just published my hair article titled “Dimensional Hair Color With A Twist!” This article is longer and more detailed than my normal postings here on Facebook or Twitter and it covers the exciting changes in hair color today compared to the ‘perfect’ applications of yesteryear. Find out how the approach to modern hair color today differs and what you will feel or see in the salon differently than in the past. It’s exciting to see the constant changes in hair throughout the years, I’m often sincerely surprised at everything that is ‘new’ in the world of hair. To get an interesting overview on hair and how it closely relates to fashion today from my perspective, check out the article and the informative website which gives fresh insights on the world of hair by a variety of guest hair blogs and read other hair tips. Click this link to take you right there: http://www.hairstyle-blog.com/dimensional-hair-color.html.

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