Testimonial, Facebook page

Daisy gave me the best cut and color I’ve ever had :) She really went out of her way to take her time with me and asked a lot of questions to ensure that my haircut and color really matched my vision of what I wanted to look like. I have never had a stylist be that thorough ever !!! She also really went out of her way to help me understand the best products and techniques to style and take care of me hair. Normally I have to basically beg a hairstylist to put in this kind of effort to give me tips but that is not the case at all with Daisy. She is genuinely passionate about sharing her hair styling expertise with customers to ensure that they can look just as good at home as they do when they leave the salon. On top of her awesome abilities and talent she is a blast to chat with !! I am super picky about my hair and I’m so happy to have finally found my hairstylist here in LA :)
-Shara Cooper