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Short, Medium and Long Haircuts are Not Equal to All Stylists-Why?

Posted on 1 September 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Why do some stylist prefer just long hair, or just fine hair, etc.? This preference is due to ease and knowledge of certain techiniques but not all. Short, medium and long haircuts, although not equal in timing or ease of execution should not be the determination on the best haircut for you, it should be done because it is the most complementary for you and your feeling about what you want today! Some hair styles, often the shorter, chin length or so ones are more challenging that it is easier for the eye (your eye) to see the flaws in the shorter cut itself. For longer hair, it is simply easier to hide flaws, although you would likely be able to ‘feel’ it if you were sensitive about that sort of thing. When a stylist claims they specialize only in long hair-think twice. All haircuts need to be systematically approached, although it may look like it is done without much thought. I suppose it can be comparable to driving after a while, one could do it well and listen to a conversation as well but allow your stylist some leeway and avoid dramatic conversation unless she takes the lead because multiple decisions are made in order for the hair to feel and look right which requires some focus. If both long and short haircuts are done often by the stylist and clients are happy, you are likely in good hands. If the stylist wants to give you the same cut or color although you requested a change, inquire about the reason and see if the answer resonates true for you. An effective stylist should be able to cut short, medium or long, straight and wavy if the entire plethora of techniques were known. At that junction, it’s a matter of selecting which is best for what result on you. If there is a ‘hole’ in that kind of technical knowledge, it will show up elsewhere in all hair types and styles, it just whether you notice it or not.

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