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Hair Models & Annual Haircut

Posted on 19 October 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Just a heads up to all the beautiful or handsome hair models in my photo gallery! Just before Spring every year-you will be reminded by me on Facebook to receive your annual haircut. Usually for 30 days sometime mid-March to mid-April, I will perform all the haircuts for the models during this window. It’s a bit early, I know but gals with long hair can plan this accordingly, so just FYI to all the lovely faces in my photo gallery! For those of you that live out-of-town, this haircut can also be gifted to whomever you choose, just let me know. I will keep you posted and will send out several reminders as we get closer to Spring 2012! Greeting to all those dear that I’ve seen recently and haven’t seen in a while, whom have moved, graduated, etc. that I’ve shared laughs with-seeing your happy, beautiful faces in there brings me much joy:).

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