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Flat, Limp Hair Number One Salon Complaint-Get Big, Full Hair

Posted on 14 November 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

What to do? Whether you like using product or not, here’s a few helpful hints to give you full and bouncy hair at home. Use a light weight hair booster, “It’s A Ten” or “Matrix Amplify Wonder Boost” and for fine hair, add a tiny bit of thickening creme and mousse (mix together in palm) on toweled-dried hair at the roots. Your own styling with a round brush will bring down the product to mid-shaft and ends of the hair. Use a powerful blow dryer to remove most of the moisture before styling. When you hair is almost dry, if your hair is fine and flat, styling and twirling with your fingers is best, using a brush only to de-frizz or for the bang area. If you hair is medium to thick or can use a bit of taming, begin styling with a round brush in sections, using the dryer to blast at the underside of the root of the hair in each brush section so it lifts the hair shaft drying from roots to ends. When sections are completed, flip all the hair over using the hot setting switching to the cool setting to set the fullness in place. One last thing to keep in mind is on the surface of your style, blow down the hair shaft for smoothness. If it’s a bit frizzy underneath your style, it will just help the fullness which is what we want. Got it? Good!

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