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Avoid the Madness, Get 1 Free Haircut with Purchase of 3 Gift Certificates

Posted on 26 November 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Have you thought of a useful and fun holiday gift for your loved ones? A professional hair color surprise or a haircut/blow-dry combo is always fun and can be used anytime of the year. Request a pretty gift certificate and give the gift of gorgeous hair for the up coming year! By the way, it’s the Age of Aquarius too, beginning this November. Why do I bring that up? Because a friend mentioned it yesterday and change can be good for the planet and maybe for someone’s hair! The Aquarius symbolizes altruism, change and the future. I’m Aquarian and recall waiting for the Age of Aquarius since I heard that song as a kid, I figured it would be my time. Ha, we will see! Well, going back to gifts for loved ones, maybe there is someone out there that you always wanted to see try something new, change their hair length, etc. If you pick up 3 certificates-good for birthdays, etc., you will receive a haircut from me as my thank you gift to you. Let’s make those changes a good one. Holidays, here we come!

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