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Hair Inspiration 2011 and Up-Coming Series on my Favorite Hair Gal

Posted on 2 November 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

If you want inspiration for your holiday locks, go to my website “Daily Daisy” search box and input “runway hair trends” for a brief review of hair snapshots from Europe’s fashion runways 2011. Of course, some are over the top since high fashion is often drama but one can take it down a notch. A search a Google will give you ideas too but you may need time to shift through. Great hair ideas are not from Hollywood where limited creativity abounds or just simply copy cats. For example, I did the ombre color on a gal, at her request way before it was all over the Hollywood scene. I’m still waiting for the middle part to depart from all the HW carbon copies. The long waves, middle part seems a worn out fixture but whatever. One public figure whom is original, daring, edgy and classy will be inspiring you as I am delighted by her hair flair and will be doing a series of posts on her. For fast hair inspiration, watch out for my favorite hair gal pictorial series coming soon and be amazed..

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