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How Long Should I Grow My Hair?

Posted on 30 November 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

This question has a two-part answer. I start off with “If you haven’t had you hair this long is a long time, then just do it because you feel like it, we can always cut it later when you are ready and tired of it!” And finish off with the answer “Not so long that it dominates you face or height is one thing to consider if you what the best hair length, most faces have a range and to pass that, it will not be your optimum.” For example, gals that are petite in height or with petite faces will only emphasize that quality if one’s hair is down to the waist. It can be difficult to see yourself objectively, so inquire with one or two people who you trust and see if their answer and reason feels right to you. A man will also look taller with shorter hair verses mid length. How short or long the back of the hair-line perimeter will make or break this aspect. Take a look at the two photos above? Do you think one length or better because it enhances her face or not?

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