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How Often Should I Cut My Hair?

Posted on 6 November 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

If your hair is on the shorter side (guys), you will cut it more often because when it grows an inch, that is noticeable for you. If you hair is longer that inch is not as noticeable. One thing to keep in mind is depending on your face shape, your maintenance as well as your height, more often than not, there is a good length range for most of us. Some haircuts are simply more maintenance, for example if you have a A-line bob where your hair is longer in the front than in the back, this looks great when it around shoulder length or above but at a longer length, it just won’t work. Also, certain hair cuts are more ‘hair heavy’ in some areas than others, a woman’s top-heavy shag for example. This excess of hair at the top is better at a certain range than when it grows out. Hope this helps answer the question. One thing that does come into play is split ends-which can be maintained with light trims and regular protein treatments if you want your hair longer. If a longer lasting hair cut is what you seek, ask for that when you come into the salon and we’ll go over the options. For longer layered hair and most basic cuts, they should last you at least several months. If a basic haircut is executed well and you want to grow it out, you will not have to go in the salon again anytime soon. Talk to your stylist.

Added long, wavy layers to hair photo gallery, welcome Aleja...
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