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Updating Men’s Hair Styles

Posted on 18 November 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

A little shorter or a little longer, the one thing these men’s hairstyles have in common has been around for quite some time. However, I continue to see men wear their hair the former way, hence this post. Keep in mind, the way the hair cut is approached affects how easy or challenging styling this one aspect can be but I wanted to share this for men-this following one aspect you do at home will ‘update’ your hairstyle. Bear with me here as I want to draw your attention to these photos and the men’s rear, top round shape. See how the hair in this area ‘hugs’ the shape of each man head? The opposite of this would be combing or forcing the hair to go back or away, towards the rear-this one element will date a man’s hairstyle and quite a few men continue this out of habit. How is this more modern shape achieved with hair wax or pomade and besides the right haircut, what can one do at home? Firstly, refrain from automatically moving the hair in that area towards the back, instead follow the natural pattern of hair growth, spiraling outwards instead with your hair product. Go with the natural flow and hair growth which would allow a natural shaped head. The front is either ‘kicked up’ casually, pushed off to the side somewhat or worn down if the hair is longer in the front. I style 95% of my men’s clients like this, with the exception of a small handful of older clients that are accustomed to wearing their hair the way they always have and wouldn’t dream of changing it. This one aspect has brought positive comments from friends, girlfriends, etc. of my clients. The hair style may be squared off or rounded in the front, but the back is absolutely as described, either shorter or longer. Follow that hair spiral in the back guys! Oh, personally I like low or no shine wax or pomade for men; spread product in your hands and address that top, rear area first, moving towards the front and top then lastly, the sides. Looking good!

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