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Common Hair Style Issues Found at Consultation

Posted on 7 December 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

When someone new to me sits in my chair, I’m thrilled because it is the first time (a virgin!) I have an opportunity and the privilege to possibly improve what is there plus the most amount of difference for hair improvements awaits this person and I am excited to possibly make it come to fruition. It is not often that I see a perfect haircut, so for me the thrill is there to make a difference. The first thing I do is a consultation and dissect the last haircut. What are the most common problems found?

-More common than you would think, hair is just not cut straight where it should be.
-There can be a problem area, could be the hair growth pattern or the way it is cut, which one is it?
-Layering is done too heavy in an area leaving hair feeling ungraceful, either too chunky or too sparse or both issues within the same hair style.
-Bangs can feel blocky or longer pieces mix with the shorter pieces annoying the wearer.
-An area of the hair gives the wearer a feeling that a certain part “just hangs there, doing nothing” compared to the rest of the hairstyle.
-Flow of the hair just feels wrong.

These same hair issues produced within a haircut makes some afraid to cut their hair opting for “an inch all over” for 20 years because the style just doesn’t come out the way they expect. Can these issues be fixed? Yes, all of issues can be repaired properly and in the case of strong cowlicks, be improved greatly along with styles suggestions to make it work as much as possible. If you are having these recurring issues or feel you are stuck with a particular hairstyle because of fear of the above, then call me today to schedule a free consultation. You can schedule a haircut later when and if your comfortable or not after you leave. Let’s see what we can discover and more importantly, what can be adjusted when you are ready-once and for all, for good.

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