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Don’t Be Fooled With New Non-Ammonia Hair Colors

Posted on 5 December 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

You’ve seen the ‘new’ hair colors advertized everywhere but is the new product ‘better’?Let’s put it this way, in a nut shell. Ammonia is produced by the body so it is not completely foreign and should be kept in perspective. It just happens that ‘ammonia free’ is the buzz word of late and ammonia has simply been replaced by something else, often a more recent liquid that hasn’t been around long enough to generate any buzz. So far, from my research, whenever this new color residue is in contact with water, it is reactivated each time you wash it. Not necessarily better is it? For some clients, I use herbal color for those that want deposit only color, without lifting/lightening ability, however it is still not a hundred percent natural. The only thing that is one hundred percent natural is henna, which is another story. Use the search box on the top upper right on this “Daily Daisy” page for the blog on henna with it’s pros and cons. The bottom line is to beware of the next newest thing..

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