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What Else is Around the Hair Salon?

Posted on 9 December 2011 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

I’ve worked in Malibu as a stylist since 1997. Who remembers Vicki’s Faces and Leggs by the bank and yogurt shop at Webb Way? From there I moved to Cross Creek-Bernie Safire Salon and Charisse and now to my present location on Pacific Coast Highway. Inside this two-story white structure is a family owned Thai Restaurant which has a 50% off at their sushi bar presently, an Italian Restaurant, a Yoga studio run by Laure and her daughter which has fantastic, steaming hot yoga classes, a nail salon, computer repair shop managed by Rich whom does house calls too, two natural estheticians doing organic skin care-Monika and Tatyana, who also does pretty eye lash extensions. Lastly, a green, organic gardening shop specializing in organic plants and vegetables focusing on personal residential gardens and maintenance-Grow and a Verizon store as well. I’ve experienced all of the above individuals, should you want to do two birds with one stone at your next hair appointment, just inquire. Lastly if you want to walk a Malibu beach shoreline, the openings are discreet, there is one within a few minutes of the salon. If you take a 7 minute drive, you will find Nobu, the Japanese restaurant, a couple of Mexican stops and few more Italian places, a movie theater, Planet Blue, clothing boutiques, Mac cosmetics, a spiritual bookstore, a cupcake coffee shop, a local deli serving hot foods and sandwiches, etc. and a multitude of high to very high-end shops. Make an appointment or simply a free consultation or make it a day in the ‘bu, come visit!

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