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Go Lighter Rule?

Posted on 2 January 2012 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

For blondes, as one gets older I almost always prefer to go on the side of golden than ashy blonde. Why? Looks more youthful. Forget that old rule to go lighter as your age goes up. Firstly, grey hair is ashy. (For details on this, read my earlier blog on grey hair. Go to my website search box and input grey hair and the appropriate post will appear on why grey hair is ashy.) Second, your skin also loses pigment over time and top that with ashy hair equals ‘old.’ Nothing wrong with going grey or growing older, we should all be so lucky but stay open to a warmer blonde if you are middle-aged or older. There are exceptions, but not that many! At a former salon I worked at, it surprised me how many older women were hell-bent on pasty, ashy blonde hair because it was that way when they were younger, happy only when the hair was slightly greyish-no joke. This went for brunettes too, the brown had a bit of olive overtones, only then they would be happy. Maybe it was the trend at the time but I didn’t care for it. Not optimum, I wanted to say but didn’t. Now, I will give my opinion, maybe a couple of times then you decide! Matter of fact, consider going warmer as the number goes up. The first photo is of a hair model, Sheanna from my hair gallery whom is a natural medium brunette. I did a double process blonde on her to get her ashy blonde, she looks great but girls about twenty always look great ashy blonde. The second photo is Nikki, again from my from my hair gallery-recognize the ground floor of the salon in the ‘bu? I did a combination blonde on her, both ashy and golden mixed with her own natural base. I recommended this for a lower maintenance as well as for her skin tone. The last two photos of actress Helen Mirren, one gold and the other, grey ashy. She is an attractive woman, but better with a bit of warmth in the last photo. Your thoughts are welcome.

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