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Is a Hairstyle Change in Order?

Posted on 17 January 2012 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

People get into hair style ruts because they are afraid of change, attached to yesteryear, still looking for a hair stylist they trust, etc.

Some key factors to help consider an overdue change in hair style are..

– Your hairstyle needs manipulating before you go out the door. Even if you enjoy your hair straight, you should be able to also like it  when it’s in it natural state. If you hair cut is executed well, you should be able to enjoy both, straight and natural.

– If you wear you hair in a pony tail or clip it up ALL the time, there is something amiss. Have it cut well and you will enjoy it both up and down.

– Does your hairstyle look like your high school year book hair or stuck in another decade?

Consider changing your look if you haven’t consider it in a long time. Never changing hairstyles will make one look ancient , even if you’re not!  Need a fresh perspective? Schedule a free and fun consultation and if you decide to do it later, then call back to schedule a haircut. It’s not that scary to change is it?










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