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Nature with Technology for Hair Color Care

Posted on 22 January 2012 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

One hair care line I use regularly in salon went from works really well to an impressive product line for both at the back bar and at my station. I will be looking forward to using these products in my chair that are derived from a combination of natural ingredients and new technology. Here’s a description of a few of the products I’m excited about getting feed back about..

-Lightweight mousse infused with protein providing anti breakage while delivering fullness and shine.

-Humidity-resistant, light-weight serum for hair shine and softness that accentuates hair color.

-Spray product giving control, shine and anti-humidity.

These products will be compared to my go-to product, “It’s a Ten.” I normally would do a ‘cocktail’ of products for some of you and here are a few more ingredients to add to the mix!





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