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Environment and Hair Loss?

Posted on 27 February 2012 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Yes, unfortunately a harsh or unhealthy environment does lead to hair loss. There was a hair study using twins and the twins were treated differently then compared for it’s hair effects. What surprising events lead to thinning hair? Separation or divorce from a spouse/partner causes more thinning due to stress and hormones. Smoking and high blood pressure or even too much sleep will affect your hair due to an increase in testosterone. Last but not least is..sun damage! This last one, I had my suspicions due to my own experience of moving my part about and they were confirmed in a study by the University of Cleveland. I noticed if I had my part the same way for a long time, I would have less baby hair at the part and when my part moved, my baby hair grew back. Environment and hair loss or gain is linked to diet as well, not shocking but see first hand results from an unplanned diet change about my long time client and my experience with her, just plug in the word “walnuts” in my search box on my website using this link: http://www.daisyhairdesign.com/haircolorist/blog/

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