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Men and Gray Hair Color

Posted on 17 February 2012 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Men can and do look great with gray hair color. Richard Gere and George Clooney come to mind and most would agree that they are handsome with their gray strands. Do they color it? Who knows. The great thing about men’s hair gray hair color is it can be very subtle where even their loved loves wouldn’t know for sure because it can be just a matter of less gray or even simply more pepper than salt, is how I like to describe it. Gray hair tends to look better on men with a tan or olive skin tone verses one with pale skin due to a tendency to look even more pale with grey hair. Gray hair color on a man does not need to look severe or dramatic, subtle works the best. The appeal to this approach is not new, however some men can still be hesitant to color their hair due to witnessing more severe color approaches. Opposite to women’s hair color, the best color on a men wanting gray hair coverage is that it is not obvious, they simply look great without a visible announcement. For those who simply want a natural but more youthful look, it’s a quick process that is done in the same frequency that one cuts their hair and the best thing about great men’s gray hair color is no one knows for sure. Mention this men and gray hair post when you schedule your haircut appointment and receive 25% off the first time both services!

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