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Another Cool Hair Tool Option-Adjustable Barrel Curling Iron

Posted on 15 March 2012 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

You have seen the spiral curls on just about everybody, right? How do they get those ‘natural looking’ curls. By using either a small flat iron or curling irons of different sizes. Well, there is a new adjustable curling iron with an adjustable barrel to solve this issue for you. Just switch the barrel and you’ve got yourself ‘natural looking’ curls. This 4 in 1 pro-curling iron is titanium and heats up to 450 degrees. (This photo is not the actual image for I could not locate one while writing this post.)

Use my search box for other “Daily Daisy” in my website about curling irons-the importance of the right curling iron temperature to keep your hair healthy or the other article about the time saving iron with the double barrel, curling two sections of hair at once.

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