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Thickening Treatment for Fine Hair

Posted on 19 March 2012 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

One of my regulars (every two months) maintains an attractive, professional hair style and has fine hair, one of her pet peeves. Normally using a cocktail of products gives her some body in the salon, in addition to her regular color maintenance. She has shared with me that she could never have enough body in her hair, especially when she does it at home herself. I messed up the schedule one day at her expense and wanted to make up for it by using a new thickening treatment for fine hair. I decided to do two types of treatments for her so she can see which results she likes better, if any. So far, she has received one of the two at her last appointment, administered after her hair color. By the time she was shampooed and blow dried with the usual cocktail, she definitely had ‘big hair’, a first for us in the salon. I happily report that she eventually asked me to ‘take down her hair’ for it was TOO BIG proportionally to her face! I am not exaggerating, I say that on my precious dog’s life. I await her return for the the next visit to see how the hair was for her over the last month while she did her hair on her own, at home. Soon, we will use the second in-salon, thickening treatment for fine hair and I will keep you updated on the progress/comparision. Happy sunny and windy Monday (in California) to you!

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