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Can One Go Too Blond?

Posted on 3 April 2012 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Can one go too blond? Yes, absolutely. Here’s a few things to keep in mind to help you decide if you are too blond..

-You appear washed out or shallow without more make-up.

-You have so many highlights that your hair color looks like a all over one color blond.

-You feel your regrowth grows out way too fast and is too noticeable, too quickly, forcing you to go into the salon too often for touch-ups.

-The high maintenance of blonde is costing too much time and money.

Unless you are a natural light blonde, platinum blond is the highest maintenance hair color because the hair color needs to be ‘lifted’ and toned regularly in the salon.

Think Brad Pitt, Donetella Versace, Cameron Diaz as platinum-they are all are good golden but one can go too blonde, as they have experimented with. Gwyneth Paltrow looks good both platinum and golden. What do you think, do you have a preference for her?

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