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Dominate Hair Trends Continue

Posted on 23 April 2012 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Which women hair trends dominate the scene and which is your personal favorite? Here are seven stands outs..

Various versions of the bob
High crown hair, worn down or with a pony tail (favorite)
A bright neon streak or two added by extensions
Side part (favorite)
Bold colored hair, 100 percent (my least favorite)
Braids incorporated in an up-do
Middle part and wavy (yawn, way over done by almost everybody)

Let’s go over these seven trends that continue to dominate the scene, in Hollywood and beyond.

1. The bob, a shorten or longer version was a breath of fresh air, a departure from the last on the list-the wavy middle part, at least for some gals whom decided enough was enough! From previous post, you already know I think the last style is completely over exposed and gals whom chopped their long locks to a version of the bob seemed fresh and courageous, releasing their security blanket-so that was great to see (think Olivia Wilde or Ali Carter). When I chopped my locks last year, it was interested to note that I felt “less LA” and additionally had a larger personal license to load up on the dark eyes, light lips thing which was fun. Now it medium/longer again, with piecey layers and diagonal bangs..

2. High crown, a personal favorite because it adds a bit of pomp and sophistication to a girly pony tail, think Kate Beckingsale. Some like the high crown with long loose strands too.

3. A bright neon streak added with extensions or sometimes executed in the salon with peroxide. This trend has really hit the big time although it’s been around for almost as long as I’ve been doing hair. It’s an easy, fast way to incorporate some fun and funk to your hair that is versatile too, because it can be easily hidden or even removed.

4. Side part and sleek, love this as it is away from the overdone middle part, elegantly worn by Camilla Belle and Anne Hathaway. Unfortunately, the side part is still not embraced by many whom still cling to the Kardasian look.

5. Bold hair color-for example Katy Perry. Why is this my least favorite? Because it looks like a smurf doll and frankly, it looks like trying way too hard. But I’m sure that why some love it, to each his own.

6. Braids-regal and fun, especially worked in with an up-do. Braids worn down is great too and has a very girly vibe but in an up-do, it’s wonderfully casual and finished at the same time-lovely.

7. Lastly, the middle part and wavy-this is one of my least favorite for reasons you already know. :)

Have you done any of the above trends and which is your favorite?

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