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Interesting, Long Hair Pony Bun!

Posted on 27 April 2012 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Here the easy “how to” for the long hair pony bun-the perfect thing to try for someone whom has long hair and want a temporary change without cutting off length. Follow the easy, three step directions for the interesting long hair pony bun!

1. Tie up your hair in a tight pony tail, low or medium high.

2. Take the top half portion of the pony tail and flip up over top of head and clip this top portion to the crown one or two inches above the base of tail with a long,
flat clip, then flip the length back down.

3. Use another clip and clip the section you just worked with right on top of the bottom portion onto above the nape but below the pony tail wrap securing the creation
on the head, voila-you created a long hair pony bun!

I feel my hair is too flat when it gets longer but one reason I don’t mind is because I can wear a pony tail. I want to try this but my hair is not that long right now. Let me know if you tried this!

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