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Well, well..Pantene Survey Claims Men Notice Women’s Hair, a lot!

Posted on 3 April 2012 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Pantene, the well known brand of shampoo and conditioner took a survey of what stands out to men about women and good hair took high marks, men notice women’s hair, a lot! What else was on that survey? Gorgeous hair trumps a curvy figure by 60 percent and 74 percent of men indicated they notice a woman because of her hair, with 44 percent claiming it is the FIRST thing they notice. Most men claim they will approach a woman with great hair over a woman with a low neckline. Every man differs in opinion about what they prefer and the way you feel about your own hair is equally if not more important, however a little FYI for those of you that may be curious. Thanks to Pantene’s survey on women’s hair.

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