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Highlighted Hair and Brassy Tones

Posted on 1 May 2012 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

What can you do about highlighted hair and brassy tones? Have you noticed you love your hair color fresh out of the salon and a few weeks later your hair gets brassy? A few like their brassy tones for it adds warmth to a blush-less complexion and can enhance certain eye tones but if you don’t want brass, here’s what you can do about it.

-Wait two days before shampooing you hair after a color process.

-Use a shampoo for colored hair and use cooler water rinse in the shower. Which one is the best in a swatch test of 30 shampoos? So far, “Back To Basics”, hands down. Ten bucks to boot.

-Wear a hair product with sun screen or a hat to protect the sun from lightening your hair from your brown to a brassy tone and mix that with the blond from the salon equals brassy blonde.

-Once you start to see brass, use a blue shampoo for medium blondes and a purple shampoo for light blondes to keep your blonde on the cool side before you next salon visit.

-Consider asking about a mineral removal before your color service for mineral deposits on the hair can hinder the hair color to grasp as intended.

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