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Is Bleach Bad for the Hair?

Posted on 3 May 2012 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Is bleach bad for the hair? I’m asked this question all the time. Likely one had a bad experience using bleach because someone used it improperly or it simply sounds harsh so the rumor persist. My answer to the question “Is bleach bad for the hair?” is a definite NO! if chosen wisely and used properly. Now, it is a product that can be easily misused, leading to damaged hair however if used properly, it can create better results and believe it, in some cases, healthier hair too. Do keep in mind, all lighten hair or long hair can use a protein treatment but his can also be misused. Read the “Daily Daisy” about protein treatments and it’s pitfalls using the search box under “Daily Daisy” on my website for your road to great hair health!

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