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Three Easy Hair Tips

Posted on 9 May 2012 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Here are a few easy hair tips for big difference if you are prepping for a big night out or just want your hair to look it’s best.

-If you want body in your hair, not just curl, pass on the hot rollers and give each section a spritz of hair spray and use Velcro rollers instead. Velcro rollers will give you lift at the base. To keep the body in the hair and to resist flattening out or frizzing up too soon, use a bit of dry shampoo or even baby powder at the scalp fluff throughout hair to maintain volume as long as possible.

-To remove residue from your strands and keep them shiny, reach for apple cinder vinegar and put a few ounces into your regular shampoo bottle. Each time you shampoo, you will be also adding shine.

-Want your hair to go in THAT direction? When blow drying with a brush, finish the last release of the brush in the direction you want the ends to go, then set the hair with a cool blast of air from your dryer, again in the same direction.

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