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Natural Hair Color Guidelines

Posted on 24 June 2012 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Whether your hair is colored or not, the majority of the time, hair should follow the natural hair color guidelines. The exception is when artistic vision trumps natural, which can be fun-a unexpected bold streak, simmering panels of hair color revealed randomly, etc. but even here it is more attractive and easier on the eye when the natural hair color guidelines are not pushed to extreme. When it is pushed to the extreme is can appeal to the wearer due to boldness, standing out from the rest, making an individual statement, adding to stage presence, entertainment value, etc. but the majority of people simply want to be attractive, appealing or reminiscent of earlier years. Here are the natural hair color guidelines:

-color at the scalp is darker than on the ends
-hair around the front of the face is lighter than the rest
-when hair is dark, the amount of dark hair dominates over the any hair that is lighter

I have broken two of these rules but always with artistic intention and for good reason.

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