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Big Hair

Posted on 15 August 2012 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

From the runway to the red carpet, big hair is trickling down to main street. Here’s a recap on how to get that volume.

1. Use your favorite shampoo twice if your hair is not dry.

2. Condition mid strands and ends, not near the scalp.

3. Use a smoothing serum if needed and root lifter at the scalp.

4. Flip upside down blasting air at the roots and drying hair halfway. (I do this in the bathtub so hair fall out is in one place).

5. Choose your part (for volume, side diagonal is best). Use and round brush to complete blow dry.

6. Apply a bit of Dry Boost Powder to the root area and lift those strands again upside down. (remember less products is often more..)

7. Lastly, complete the process with hair spray at roots (upside down) and lastly all over lightly.

If you don’t scare yourself with HUGE hair, you skipped a step!

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