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More Healthy Hair Foods

Posted on 23 January 2013 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Here’s a small list of more healthy hair foods for you!

Greek yogurt-has helpful bacterial which is important for a strong immune system. A good immune system keeps your hair growing robust and less fall out too.

Quinoa-lots of B vitamins and protein great for hair health.

Kale-Also lots of B vitamins, in particular folate which is vital for prevention of early graying.

And two other foods I’ve mentioned before but here it is again..

Olive oil-contains healthy fats important for controlling inflammation which can hurt the hair follicles.

And my all time favorite..

Walnuts! They contain good fats and zinc. I’ve seen this one perform first hand . Other nuts may be great too, but why mess with a good thing? For all the details on how a client and I accidently discovered this hair food, use my search box for the ‘Daily Daisy’ on walnuts..

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